Sleeping Lion Consulting works with innovative companies, charities, government agencies and communities to assess and implement strategies, programs, products  and policies that meet financial, environmental, social and community goals.

How We Work

We use a variety of skills, including scenario modeling, research, fiscal analysis and facilitation, to  support stakeholder groups, social entrepreneurs and organizations to understand their environment assess opportunities and barriers, calculate financial feasibility and strategically position their programs, operations, or policies to achieve results.

What’s a Sleeping Lion?

No, it is not a reference to Wimoweh, the African tune about the lion sleeping in the jungle.

We chose Sleeping Lion for two reasons:

  • its image of unlocking hidden potential;
  • the connection to Vermont’s Camel’s Hump Mountain, which can be seen from almost anywhere in the northern half of Vermont.   When Samuel de Champlain’s explorers came to the region in the 1600s, they call the peak “Lion Couchant,” or sleeping lion.  The summit of Camel’s Hump offers an expansive (and breath-taking) 360-degree view while anchored to solid granite.

Achieve your vision with the grounded analysis that  Sleeping Lion Consulting can provide.   Contact us to learn more.