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Here are some of our favorite resources and tools!

Resources for Charities and Non-Profits

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There’s a range of great resources that Sleeping Lion regularly uses to assist US and Canadian charities and non-profits.

Some of our favorites include

  • Blue Avocado – a great blog authored by Jan Masaoka concerning all things of interest to non-profits.  US focus, but some relevance to Canadian organizations
  • Free Management Library – an incredible easy-to-use resource of online  management tools, documents, policies, etc.   The Library has thousands of links to resources for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Topics run the gamut from personnel to financial management to use of social media.    I’ve had this bookmarked for years!
  • – need we say more?  This is the starting place for anyone wanting to enter the nonprofit field as a volunteer or employee.
  • Charity Village – the Canadian portal for non-profit news, jobs, resources and training.
  • Nonprofit Career Resource Guide – More info for anyone considering a career in the nonprofit field.

We know there are plenty more – feel free to add suggestions.

Canadian Impact Investing Resources

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Canadian Impact Investing Resources

Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) has taken a leadership role in encouraging its members to consider implementing the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance recommendation that foundations invest at least 10% of their capital in mission-related investments (MRI) by 2020.

CFC currently provides a number of resources for and about impact investing and Canadian community foundations including information about the range of approaches, investment options and resources.



US CDFIs – Oportunity Finance Network

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Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) is the leading US network of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) investing in opportunities that benefit low-income, low-wealth, and other disadvantaged communities.   OFN Members have originated more than $30 billion in financing across rural, urban and Native communities particularly in markets that are often overlooked by conventional financial institutions,  with cumulative charge-off rates of less than 2%!   OFN offers membership, training, financing, consulting and advocacy on behalf of its members.

OFN’s mission through 2025 is to lead CDFIs and their partners to ensure that low-income, low-wealth, and other disadvantaged people and communities have access to affordable, responsible financial products and services.

Tools for Co-operatives

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Tools for Co-operatives

In the US – the University of Wisconsin Center for Co-operatives provides start-up resources, events, training, research, and publications about all aspects of co-operatives including economic impact.  Their chart outlining the difference of various types of US corporations is one of the best summaries available.

In Canada – the newly formed Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada is a national, bilingual association that represents more than 18 million co-operative members from 9,000 co-operatives.   It partners with provincial co-operative development organizations across the country to deliver training, advocacy and events that support the cooperative sector.

Resource for Foundations – Mission Investors Exchange

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Resource for Foundations – Mission Investors Exchange

Great Tools for Foundations interested in Impact Investing

A member organization and web site offering great resources for foundations and other charitable funders (generally US-based) thinking about mission-related, program-related or impact investments. Publisher of the Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing, now used across the US.

Tools – Social Enterprise Council and Guide

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Tools – Social Enterprise Council and Guide

A great resource for social enterprises across Canada – the Social Enterprise Council of Canada web site has industry news, tools and the free downloads of the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide, a great resource for non-profit organizations or charities that want to start a social enterprise.

Regional support organizations include:

Market Analysis Tools – Financial Performance Data

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Industry Canada provides superb resources and data for understanding your market, your competitors and the economy.  Market analysis tools include industry statistics and profiles, financial performance data for small businesses by sector (formerly called SME Benchmarking) and economic indicators.

The financial performance data can help new and existing enterprises compare industry averages and compare income statement and balance sheet data for similar businesses across the country or province.